Amazing – doggy heaven!

Happy dogI have just picked up my two labradoodles from Sydney Pet Resort and all I can say is wow, I think my girls thought they were in doggy heaven!

There were acres of well fenced grassy yards for them to run and play all day and what I loved most is that they were treated like members of the family coming indoors at night and getting lots of cuddles from the staff. They were so fluffy and clean when I picked them up, you’d think they’d been to a spa retreat for the week!

There’s no way I could leave them in a boarding kennel now that I have found an alternative. It was very reassuring to have videos sent to my phone by text message to show me how much fun they were having, I could completely relax and enjoy my holiday.

It’s wonderful to know that my girls are having as much fun on their holiday as we’re having on ours. I highly recommend this place for anyone looking for a place to board their pet.

Renee & Jorge Munoz, Five Dock